Magical Moru July - September

From July - September last year, our camp called Moru home and they were so special!

One group had the privalage of seeing 5 different leopards in just one day! The last sighting was enjoyed from Gong rock at sundowners! You didnt have to leave camp to see signs of life.  The porcupine was out every night on the kopje behind camp, and the lions roared up a storm, and one client scanned the valley below camp with his binoculars and found two rhino! 

We also took a couple of days to enjoy the area, and had the most incredible morning that has to be shared.  We had left camp at sunrise and took the road that runs parallel to the river.  The sun was just coming up and we decided to stop, scan and enjoy a bit of the first rays as typical dry season the wind does pick up.  From this very spot we saw a Rhino, which is always such a special sighting! Then a couple of lions were seen coming down from the Kopje.  A little later, on on the other side of the road, we spotted a cheetah on a termite mound.  We heard a leopard making its sawing sound in the distance which got us very excited - all three big cat species in one spot? Was this really possible? Lots of scanning later we failed to find the Leopard but did enjoy a herd of elephant passing through, and to complete the big 5 - we came across an enormous herd of buffallo on the way home.  We couldn't believe the morning we had had, seeing (and hearing) the big 5 all before breakfast from one spot.  It was incredible!

Dry season is such a magical time to be on safari.  If anyone is looking to do a similar trip between June - November we would suggest the following itinerary:

Days 1 & 2

2 nights in Tarangire national park which is in its prime this time of year! The animals congregate around the river, the elephant herds are at their biggest numbers and all in all its very impressive! We would recommend staying at Tarangire Safari Lodge (www.tarangiresafarilodge.com) which offers some of the best views in the park! With a good pair of binos you can see animals coming and going all day from your tent veranda!

Day 3

Enjoy the morning in Tarangire.  After lunch game drive your way out of the park and onto Karatu for the Night       (country lodge www.countrlodgekaratu.com)

Day 4

A day trip to the Ngorongoro crater - overnight Country Lodge

Day 5,6,7

Explore the Moru area which is known to many as the Jewel in the Serengetis crown. Staying in the amazing tanzania private luxury camp - set up just for you!!

Day 8

Fly back to Arusha, lunch in town before connecting with your International flight home

OR if you prefer to add a beach holiday we can organzie that you fly to Zanzibar for a couple of nights!

Cost of the above safari for 4 pax comes to $4100 per person

Cost of the above safari for 6 pax comes to $3235 per person

If you are a couple looking for a similar itinerary we can visit all the same places but swap the exclusive use camp in Moru for a shared luxury camp in central Serengeti.  The cost for 2 pax would come to $4640 per person

Feel free to get in touch for more information on this type of itinerary info@amazingtanzania.com


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